„Spring has finally come”

With above-cited phrase from the Martha Martin’s diary, sounding so comfortingly after what we see her going through in the Rugged Gold movie, I want to welcome you today and tell you a bit on my long-lasting appreciation of raw juices. To start with :)PicsArt_1395420246822 That’s how Spring welcomed me today in our kitchen:PicsArt_1395406718337I thought I would mention the kitchen due to Jamie’s 21 Day Organization Challenge, well, seems like kitchen has already been captured so ours is having its five seconds by natural forces :)

Today opening our fridge I came onto celery and I knew right away what was going to be going on. We still had many ecologically grown apples, some lemon, namely everything one needs to make a wonderful juice.PicsArt_1395417932786This way or another :) I would like to thank Jamie for many inspirations!  She introduced me to the following in her video where she was preparing snacks for her husband — celery with a peanut butter. It’s delicious! I would never think it could be so tasty.

Rays of sunshine don’t get waisted. Actually, those would not get waisted anyway being the crispest, most central parts :)

PicsArt_1395421585166 Going back to juices, I’d have lots to share about them. In Poland there are many places therapies based on vegetables, fruits and fresh juices are held. In one of following posts I will try to share some pictures from the second place I was attending such therapy in, actually the surroundings of it yet those were really beautiful. I encourage you to drink freshly pressed juices.

Our diet may not serve us well these days. Not further then yesterday I found out that the wheat of today has got 42 chromosomes due to crossbreeding as opposed to 14 which it used to have hundreds years ago. Today grains have lots of proteins that may not serve our bodies and cause diseases and malfunctions. The topics closely connected to this are gluten intolerance and celiac disease.

A gluten-free diet — gluten is a protein present in wheat, rye, barley and most of oats — brings lots of people relief of suffering they couldn’t figure out a cause to or even got used to living with. Headaches, belly pains, joint pains, bloating, sometimes obesity, depression or a feeling of an overwhelming fear just to mention few of possible disorders.

A try is worth taking. Why not take it this newly born Spring :)

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