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Hi there, I’ll be writing in English, beware! There’s good news to share. I have found an open invitation to join an Internet Lent retreat „Here Is The Man!” from Jerusalem. By Adam Szustak OP.

The actual trailer is available along with written translations from Polish into English and Netherlands (one of the icons in the right-down corner) so will be the retreat itself I believe.

Adam Szustak OP is a monk of the Dominican Order, who was holding a remarkable rediscovering of The Song Of Songs through ancient commentaries. For years big groups of students in Cracow were present on meetings called Orangery, lots of laugh, tons of wisdom and unthinkable perspectives. Meetings were recorded.

Here comes a subscribtion link. The site has not been translated but registration is easy and intuitive. For a little help with it, click below :)

Ok, so after you subscribe on the main site providing your Email Address and Name (Imię), you should receive an email with a link to activate your subscription. It’s titled Prośba o potwierdzenie rejestracji, which means a Request to confirm registration. What follows is this: The Internet Retreat „Here Is The Man”| You are receiving this message because you have subscribed to our mailing list. We ask of your to confirm your registration, by clicking the button: YES, ADD ME TO THE LIST. After clicking it you are done. You are brought back to the site with Jerusalem view and it says: Thank you (Dziękujemy) You have joined our mailing list successfully.

That would be it for now. It’s what I did so far. Waiting for their first mail to come.


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