Welcome, feel invited

You speak English and came across my blog? Great! It’s mostly in Polish but stay with me. There is something just for you.

How about being introduced to a powerful story?

I kindly invite you to go through posts in Polish as well and to contribute to it (greatly appreciated), like in Sounds Before Birth & Your Very Own Songs, where you will find a list of various melodies for a baby in a mother’s womb and after. We are waiting for more of them.. children and songs :))

As to Polish, it is the beautiful language of my country, Poland Polonia — her noble history, tradition, heritage and perspectives.

However, other languages were and are tought here widely. Let me quote Daniel Defoe, 1728:

Who only knows Latin can go across the whole Poland from one side to the other one just like he was at his own home, just like he was born there. So great happiness! I wish a traveler in England could travel without knowing any other language than Latin!

Ronald Regan, 1982:

The distances from Warsaw to Moscow and Warsaw to Brussels are equal. The sign makes this point: Poland is not East or West. Poland is at the centre of European civilization. It has contributed mightily to that civilization. It is doing so today by being magnificently un-reconciled to oppression.

Thank you for visiting my blog! May your visit in Poland follow :)


Zapraszam do wyrażenia swojej opinii. Podpis jest dowolny. E-mail, Signature, Website are optional. Dziękuję za odwiedzenie mojego bloga. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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